martes, 22 de julio de 2008

the best sport in the world

Basketball is the best sport in the world, Many people think that this sport is just put the ball in the basket, but they are wrong, in this sport is necesari have a lot of disipline, teamwork, dedication is a sport where physical conditions are obtained many great precision, I have five years practice this sport currently playing with a Christian team, always to start and complete a training pray to god.

My favorite team in the NBA is San Antonio Spurs, is a very complete team with excellent players like Toni Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu ginobilli

martes, 17 de junio de 2008


Dear Mr. President

The people of Venezuela thanks you for your help in building the CDI clinic for people who do not have a good economic situation, can receive a good health care. We thank you also for the buses that you gave to the people in Maracaibo, but the people of Venezuela have concluded that you are not the most convenient president for our country.
People of Venezuela don't understand why you give so much money to other countries, why?. In Venezuela there are people who die of hunger, people who don't have a job, families that don't have a house and you are giving away the money that this country has... Mr. President we will remove you from the presidency in November by means of elections for the good sake of Venezuela..

My family

My family is made up of my father my mother my two brothers my sister and my grandmother, My father has 55 yeras old his name is William and he's engineer, my mother has 51 years old she's name is Ines and she is house wife, I have two brother and One sister, my big brother has 22 years old his name is Nestor hes studies Electronica in the Santiago Marino university, my litle brother has 17 years old hes name is William, he's studies Computation in Urbe and my sister has 20 yeras old she's name is Fatima she's studies Social Comunication in Urbe

Describing my House and the House of my dreams

my house is a very comfortable place, is located in los Mangos Avenue, I have all my life lived there, my house is white and is a little ugly for outside but inside is very beautiful and comfortable.

My house heve five rooms the principal room is the my Mother and mi Father, the second is my sister room, the third is my and my litle brother room, the quarter is the my grandmother room and the fifth is the my big brother room

The house of my dreams is a house that has 3 floors with a very large kitchen, which has one room of study to study or relax, which has a large courtyard with a pool, and a gimnacio and finally having a study of music

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

HelL0 ev3rybody ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡W3lc0m3¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡.....

Hello everybody my name is Jorge Sanchez, everybody call me George I has 18 years old and my birthday is in September 27 I from Maracaibo I live in the urbanization los Mangos and I study Social comunication in URBE.

I has two Brother and one sister. my big brother call´s Nestor he has 23 yeras old He studies electronics in the Santiago Mariño University, my little brother has 17 years old he studies Computation in URBE he like very much the Vallenato Music.

I play the acustic, the electric and a little bass guitar, the Music is my life, when gradue of social communicator in URBE I am going to study Music in Cecilio Acosta University

I practice Kung fu Choy lee fut I practise with the Sifu Daniel Rumbos i has 2 years practice this marcial art I like very much because is very traditional this marcial art is very fluid Also I practise sanchou it is a martial art similar to the muay-tay and to the kick-boixin but is more complex because in this use block, punch kick and projections